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Marco Polo Essays (746 words) - Marco Polo, Cathay, Kublai Khan

Marco Polo Marco Polo While I lay here, on my demise bed, I figure in what manner can my companions blame me for lying! They inquired as to whether I had overstated any of my undertakings and I didn't comprehend why they felt I would do this. I disclosed to them I haven't uncovered a large portion of my accounts and experiences! I have voyage and accomplished such a great deal. In my well known book, The Travels of Marco Polo, a point by point variant of my excursions is composed. The individuals I thank most for what they have accomplished for me are my dad and uncle, who were dealers. They went far into Asia when I was youthful and when they returned, they disclosed to me the best accounts of their undertakings. Those accounts enlivened me to go with my dad to Asia when I was 17. I recall this journey being one of the hardest of all. I needed to climb across miles and miles of hot deserts and get boats to cruise back to Venice. I remained in Asia for a long time. At that point I ventured out back to Ven ice and recounted to a portion of my accounts and experiences. From that point forward, I began an excursion in Venice and cruised to Damascus. From that point, I strolled over Asia's deserts and exchanged with Kublai Khan, who was very inviting to me and my family. I was in amazement with Kublai Khan. Khan's mid year royal residence was fabricated like a goliath tent of cut bamboo; it was excellent! The royal residence lit up the city of Shang-tu. I at that point went through Cathay. I was bewildered by the marvels I saw there. There, I found coal fuel which was stones that consumed like logs. In the event that you put them on the fire at night and see that they are well land, they will keep on consuming throughout the night, that you will discover them despite everything sparkling in the first part of the day. Another stunning achievement I found in Cathay was the Imperial Post. There were three classes: second was a foot-sprinter administration, first was conveyed quicker, riding a horse, and top need which utilized a despatch rider and a transfer of new ponies could convey a message 300 miles away inside 24 hours! I expounded a great deal on the marvels of Cathy in my book and I wager in the event that somebody finds out about it, they will be propelled to encounter what I did! At the point when I was finished investigating Cathy, Kublai Kahn sent me, as an emissary, to certain realms which permitted me to visit the significant silk territories of the Far East. At that point I cruised around the tip of India, past Calicut and through the trench among Arabia and Asia. From that point forward, I strolled to Constantinople. Toward the finish of that long excursion, I cruised back to Venice with my merchandise. At the point when I returned, I was wearing worn out clothes of voyaging garments at the same time, underneath was a fortune of ivory, jade, gems, porcelain, silk and different fortunes. Perhaps the most amusing thing I did all through the entirety of my excursions must be the point at which I deceived the individuals in Italy by disclosing to them my outside cash merited a similar measure of cash utilized there-it worked! In the wake of putting in a couple of years back in Venice, my country, I became skipper of a boat and took on a maritime conflict against Genoa for rights to the Mediterranean exchange courses. During that fight, I was taken prisoner and, while I was in prison, I composed The Travels of Marco Polo with the assistance of an essayist who imparted the prison cell to me. This book clarified in detail, every one of my experiences and stories. Composing that book essentially denoted the finish of my profession just like a voyager. Presently, it is 25 years after the fact and I am laying in my demise bed. I trust that my accounts and compositions will enable future voyagers to like me. Possibly one day somebody will be motivated by my incredible excursions and find a landmass called America or something. Well... possibly I am dreaming yet I trust that what I have done goes to some great use later on. Book index 1) Stefoff, Rebecca, Marco Polo and the Medieval Explorers. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1992. 2) Pages Through the Ages, Marco Polo,, 11/1/98. 3) Research papers, Marco Polo,

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Accounting for Income Tax-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignment

Questions: 1.You are required to exhort Tony on the most proficient method to bring the gazebos and gazebo seats to represent annual duty purposes at 30 June 2017. 2.Discuss whether the extra parts comprise exchanging stock. How might your answer contrast if the citizen just rented PCs to other people and utilized the extra parts to cure abandons in the rented PCs? Answers: Tonys primary wellspring of salary is from fix of gazebo just as from deals of new made gazebos. He along these lines expects his pay from the administration rendered on fix and that from deals continues. He is relied upon to proclaim his pay simply in the wake of catching all the applicable costs included. Its subsequently essential to dissect salary against expenses and costs in order to determine whether Tonys pay meets tax collection limit according to Australian Tax Office norms set up. By look of things number juggling examination should be done as such as to offer itemized reprieve - down of income age and individual expenses related as demonstrated as follows; The Total Manufacturing Cost Per Gazebo is = Work Cost = 70 Material Cost = 80 Processing plant Cost =100 All out Cost= 250 Produced Gazebos Chairs Total Cost On 30th June=10*250=$2500 Sold 6 seats out of this 10 fabricated make deals income of=6*500=$3000 2015/2016 buy was made of 5 second had Gazebos consequently buy value=5*$5=$25 this equivalent worth is the thing that remains as the potential shutting stock as at June 2016. seats were bought at cost =3*$10=$30 as at June 2017 Expecting all the 8 seats were sold=$20*8=$160 Substitution cost of the 8 chairs=$15*8=$120 From the above investigation we have to concoct pay articulation after net cost set off in order to characterize Tonys available pay. All the expense of deals things just as their worth fits the bill for charge deductible approaches since the income produced result from their expenses. Cost Of Sales=Opening Stock+Purchases-Closing Stock Year 2016 COS For the 5 second hand gazebos=0+$25-$25=0 Year 2017 COS=$25(Opening Stock+$30(Purchases)- $35(Closing Stock )=$20 $35(Closing Stock Valuation )=1 seat from the 5 purchased second hand=1*$5=$5 =3 seats purchased at year end=3*$10=$30 Tonys Statement Of Income For The Year End June 2017 Deals income of the six seats cold 6*500=$3000 Deals income for the four fixed gazebo =$78 Less Assembling cost of the 6 seats sold=$250*6=$1500 Cost of deals of the fixed seats =$20 Substitution Cost Of 8 Chairs=$15*8 =$120 Less Total Cost (=$1640) Net Profit before Tax $1438 From the salary proclamation above we are currently sure that Tonys business of selling the either recently fabricated or fixed Gazebos shapes some portion of his wellspring of pay. These gazebos thusly shapes some portion of Tonys exchanging stock since they are believed to be fabricated or gained with the end goal of the selling. Sec 28 of the Income Tax Assessment Act requires an element to represent exchanging stocks through stock taking in order to decide shutting stock adjusts within reach as at start and close of the year. It is esteemed that a broker available pay is found out through stock valuation all the more so while representing cost of deals things. Tonys gazebos shutting adjusts in year 2015/2016 were unveiled for charge reason and by all accounts since there existed in opening equalization the net impact on cost of deals was near zero therefore expanding the available salary in that year Cernius(2016.Pg 79). Anyway in year 2016/2017 we run over stocks for example opening, buys and shutting adjusts that are believed to decrease the available salary as appeared in the pay proclamation. Stock within reach is generally as consequence of procurement made therefore as at the hour of making the buy GST Evans(2011.Pg 150) was charge on this buy subsequently continually leaving the merchant and purchase with the assignment of representing this charge for charge purposes. Info charge results from buys made while yield result from deals made the two according to GST guidelines should contra one another and therefore taking into account charge discount or expense payable Spalding (2011.Pg 7). Exchanging stocks upon transformation make deals income in this manner a more noteworthy part of available salary. Regardless deals is made by means of exchanging products or administrations accordingly the duty man worry on the exchange stocks revelation is significant for GST purposes. After stock takes are done and correlation of past shutting adjusts is made the accompanying happens to the pay; if there is no change at all in stocks the available pay apparently is consistent, be that as it may if business begins as when the year parts of the bargains to remember the end balance for one assessable pay applies. At the point when stock increments obviously there exist assessable salary for charge reason while when it diminishes a permissible derivation for charge objects is determined Michalski (2009.Pg 25). By applying this standard on shutting and opening adjusts we can reason that Tonys assessable salary is expanded by $25 in year 2015/2016 since the end balance is more than opening equalization the equivalent applies in 2016/2017 however the figure increments to $35. Oldness of stock prompts loss of significant worth to Tonys stock valuation in this manner by him esteeming those exchange stock things at 1$ as a general rule he will bring about stock misfortune premise or rather underestimating the stocks along these lines must be set off against the pay made in that prior year charge coercion accordingly treated as deductible passable for charge reason. On the other hand the valuation downwards is treated as deductible passable for charge purposes Mullins (2004 Pg.10). At last Tony need to enroll for GST in order to guarantee charges he paid while buying the gazebos this ought to be utilized to set off yield charge. In spite of the fact that this GST on buys is claimable upon enlistment and upon buy there exist examples where you pay for stock you previously had nearby before enrollment. 2.Trade stocks are anything held to encourage all the activities in business. The primary course of business for this citizen is adjusting and selling PCs in this manner anything that add to this course whether unmistakable or impalpable ought to be treated as exchange stocks. Adjusting of this PCs cannot be finished without the extra parts along these lines grouping the extra parts as exchange stocks Circler (2010.Pg 345) This extra parts since they are utilized to encourage activities with financial prize desire it fits the bill to be an exchange stock. Similarly since they remain on its own individual characteristics with no change for recognizable purposes they fit the bill to be exchange stock Malady (2012.Pg.156) .Finally since the extra parts are dispensable in nature upon move to clients subsequent to adjusting it qualifies it to be exchange stock. In spite of the way that the PCs are rented , the citizen is still observed to utilize the extra parts to support the things that had just created reward, from this thusly the end is that the extra parts are named exchange stocks .This is so in light of the fact that they are utilized to render upkeep administration. Anyway the grouping is just material if the extra parts time frame is that of not exactly a year or a time of which for our situation a presumption of it being utilized for one year is applied. Save parts are subsequently arranged relying upon the time viewpoint whereby if its used to work a benefit for a span not exactly a year then it worth delegated exchange stock and the other way around. In like manner the arrangement is made on the reason or sole utilization of the extra part whereby if its utilized for rendering any help like for our situation support or for creation reason. References Spalding, A.D., 2011. Imprint to-showcase and the extending hole among monetary and charge bookkeeping. Noguchi*, M., 2005. Association among expense and bookkeeping work on: Accounting for stock-in-exchange. Bookkeeping, Business Financial History, 15(1), pp.1-34. Smile blatt, M. what's more, Keloharju, M., 2004. Duty misfortune exchanging and wash deals. Diary of Financial Economics, 71(1), pp.51-76. Evans, M., Peacock, and C., 2011. The GST Treatment of Financial Services in Australia. GST in Australia: Looking Forward from the First Decade, pp.133-160. Sharma, P. what's more, Gupta, T.C., Role of GST in stock administration. Schenk, A., Thuronyi, V. also, Cui, W., 2015. Worth included duty. Cambridge University Press. Carlon, S., Tran, A. also, Tran-Nam, B., 2013. How close are available salary and bookkeeping benefit? An observational investigation of enormous Australian organizations. Cernius, G., Birskyte, L. also, Balkevicius, A., 2016. Impact of Rules for Computing Corporate Income Tax on the Accuracy of Financial Statements of Lithuanian Companies. Logical Annals of Economics and Business, 63(1), pp.65-81. Kirchler, E. also, Wahl, I., 2010. Duty consistence stock TAX-I: Designing a stock for studies of expense consistence. Diary of Economic Psychology, 31(3), pp.331-346. Mullins, D.R. also, Wallin, B.A., 2004. Duty and use restrictions: Introduction and outline. Open Budgeting Finance, 24(4), pp.2-15. Mulyadi, M.S., Soepriyanto, G. also, Anwar, Y., 2012. IFRS selection and tax collection issue. Global Journal of Arts and Commerce, 1(7), pp.159-165. Michalski, G., 2009. Stock administration advancement as a feature of operational hazard the board.

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How Long Is Too Long for Blog Writing

How Long Is Too Long for Blog Writing There are many questions new bloggers ask themselves as they embark on the journey of blog building. One of the most important questions regards how long the posts should be. There are several answers to this, depending on the type of blog and the purpose of the blog. For example, what a company blog length needs to be is a little different from what an informative blog about cooking or photography techniques should be.Word count pertaining to search engine optimization (SEO)In general, for all blogs, a blog post between three hundred and six hundred words is the best way to be sure your content ranks on a Google search page. Another contributing factor to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is filling the content with a certain percentage of the keywords used as tags in the article or blog. The old idea of blogging and SEO was that if the word was not mentioned enough, it was not relevant enough to rank high. Conversely, if the content contained too high a percentage of the keyword, th en the content was treated more like spam information than legitimate content.The good news is the way Google searches for words now; the Google algorithms have become so intuitive that they determine the quality on the content purely on relevance with a very secondary recognition of the keyword percentage. Google thinks that at least three hundred words and generally under or up to six hundred words are the minimum and maximum to be rated high in a search result. Since Google has enhanced the way they select what is considered quality content, this means that the content needs to be consistently relevant throughout the article or blog. In non-technical terms, this means that the most significant and relevant content will be picked up, as opposed to the previously limited perimeters of what was identifying quality content.If the blogs message or point requires more words than six hundred, you can write up to one thousand words to provide enough of the information. There will be no p roblem unless the piece is cohesive and the content is of poor quality. Keyword stuffing will no longer be enough to guarantee traffic to your blog.So for the average business blog, somewhere between three hundred and six hundred words should work. However, the content needs to make sense and have the complete idea of what the message in the blog post is supposed to be. Other blogs providing helpful instructions may need one thousand words, and that is fine as long as you remember that the key is consistency, no matter how long the blog is going to be.Length for personal interest blogs, creative outlet blogs and photography blogsThis could be pertinent to a small business blog designed by and for a single owner business through which you are selling products that you make by hand such as candles, jewelry, paintings, handbags and purses, or any other creative craft for which you have a consumer base. For these types of blogs, keyword search engine optimization and appropriate length should also be considered.If you are not selling anything but your ideas, thoughts, photos and artwork, but you would like to rank high on a Google search page, you should also follow the guidelines that three to six hundred words is good, but you can go up to a thousand if and only if you stay true to the topic for the duration of the post.You might be telling your life story or documenting your engagement, and eventually, your wedding day; or the upcoming birth of a child could inspire a set of expectant parents to create a video blog post every day from the point of discovering the pregnancy until the child is five or ten years old. This would allow the parents to have something to share with their child when he or she is old enough to understand. You want to make create posts with a lot of photographs, but if you would like to include the inner workings of nervous or excited parents with a baby on the way, the word count is not as important as telling the story or anecdote or ex plain the information with as much concise clarity as possible. If the story requires no more than three hundred words to get the entire point across, that is fine, but so is a post that is a thousand words long.Length and keeping the audience awakeFor all blogs, it is important to keep all boredom or loss of interest at bay by recognizing the very short attention span the internet has created in many readers. It has come to the point that many people are not really reading anything. They are scanning everything they can but they are not reading anything with much scrutiny. This is why your length should be something short enough that scanners, who constitute a significant portion of the drivers on the lanes of the interweb, can read.Keeping the audience entertained with high-quality content can be done with one liners if they are funny enough but you could put five one liners in each blog to get closer to the minimum of three hundred. If you are working on a long, ongoing fiction p iece, for example, you should tell your story in very short sections. This helps with both the need to be concise and consistent, as well as keeping the audience waiting for more and giving it to them anywhere from once a week to several times a day. People want to read their news, blogs and story blogs quickly and then move on to the next hunt for information and entertainment, so make every word count.

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Anthropology On The Internet And Social Transaction Evolves

Anthropology on the Internet I’d like to think online communities are just live-action communities on Adderall, bound by the same constraints but evolving at a breakneck pace. You see, on the internet every nook and cranny has its own culture. As in real life, the larger the community, the less peculiar the customs. This is both an advantage and a drawback. If small forum lend themselves to cliques, large ones lend themselves to atomization. I find the culture of the internet as fascinating as any, maybe even more so, because on the internet social transaction evolves fast as the internet connection, 234 bits per second. De facto the medium of the internet works as a kind of filter: Computers sit in the corners of rooms. People who accumulate on forums tend to come from a certain stock. That is to say they’re often of nerdy disposition. These are people who maybe exist on the margins of society. People who maybe worship things like Pokemon and Star Trek the way the average American worships football. Before I found the internet I might as well have been an alien. I wore two-inch thick glasses and shopped at thrift stores and had a familiarity only with pop-culture of the 90s, ten years too late, because I watched exclusively such shows as The X-Files and Star Trek: the Next Generation. You can imagine my excitement when I first came across tribes—entire swathes of people—who were happy, more than happy, to analyze the plot of TV shows or debate the particulars of extinctShow MoreRelatedInfluence Of International Culture On The Fashion Industry7108 Words   |  29 Pagesdiverse eras, the prospect to envisage their social status; profession, district personality and faith. (Crane, D 2000) In contemporary society, it has become an apparent theme and fiasco for people to express individualism through apparel, provoking an assortment of reactions. The attire typically emulates the social movements and societal stratifications that are befalling at the time. Standard of life and styles are powerfully inclined by the social composition fluctuations; such as innovationRead MoreEssay on Digital Media and Society5371 Words   |  22 Pagesconstructed† However, Others see technology as the social and technological context of our time What technoculture means â€Å"computer mediated communication fundamentally shifts the registers of human experience as we have known them in modern society†¦ time and space, body and mind, subject and object, human and machine are each dramatically transformed by practices carried out on networked computers.† Week two – Influences of Technological and Social change â€Å"Orientating† to digital media New mediaRead MoreMethods of Qualitative of Data Collection19658 Words   |  79 Pagesthroughout a study. Explicit discussion of assumptions strengthens the overall logic and integrity of the proposal. PRIMARY METHODS Observation Observation entails the systematic noting and recording of events, behaviors, and artifacts (objects) in the social setting chosen for study. The observational record is frequently referred to as field notes—detailed, nonjudgmental, concrete descriptions of what has been observed. For studies relying exclusively on observation, the researcher makes no special effortRead MoreConsumer Behaviour4800 Words   |  20 Pagesduring searching, purchasing and post consumption of a product or service. Consumer behavior involves study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It blends the elements from psychology, sociology, socio- psychology, anthropology and economics. It also tries to assess the influence on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups and society in general. Buyer behavior has two aspects: the final purchase activity visible to any observer and the detailed Read MoreCommunication- Is It an Art or a Science ? Let Us See...........7412 Words   |  30 Pagesis used extensively for relaying television signals, telephone calls, and special teleconferencing calls that might include two-way video and graphics along with audio. The 20th-century development of mass media has played a major role in changing social, economic, political, and educational institutions. Telecommunication has been defined by international agreement as any emission, transmission, or reception of signs, signals, sounds, and writing. Recent advances in electronics have made mobile personalRead MoreChina in Africa Essay20116 Words   |  81 PagesSub-Saharan Africa, it also highlights the roles of major policies imposed on Africa by international institutions, such as World Bank, in determining the relative roles of the state and private sector and agricultural output trends. Farmers’ economic and social choices are highlighted before probing the central issue facing Africa’s rural dwellers, namely the increasing displacement of their agrarian labour. The question is what are the implications of the World Development Report 2008’s recommendationsRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pagesand Voice ................................................................................................. 5 Sample Statements of Purpose ........................................................................................................ 8 I. Social Sciences ........................................................................................................................ 8 Education: Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL)—non-native English Speaker .....................Read MoreHerbert Spencer Essay13142 Words   |  53 PagesApril 27, 1820. His childhood, described in An Autobiography (1904), reflec ted the attitudes of a family which was known on both sides to include religious nonconformists, social critics, and rebels. His father, a teacher, had been a Wesleyan, but he separated himself from organized religion as he did from political and social authority. Spencers father and an uncle saw that he received a highly individualized education that emphasized the family traditions of dissent and independence of thoughtRead MoreMba Solved Assignment Papers52670 Words   |  211 Pagesthe feasibility of a  solution  using empirical evidence The research room at the New York  Public Library, an  example  of secondary research in progress. Research can also fall into two distinct types: Primary research Secondary research In social sciences and later in other disciplines, the following two research methods can be applied, depending on the properties of the subject matter and on the objective of the research: Qualitativeresearch Quantitativeresearch Research is often conductedRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pagesintroduction Unit structure: 1. Introduction 2. Learning Objectives 3. Marketing Management 3.1. Evolution of marketing management 3.2. The Role of Marketing 3.3. Marketing concepts 3.4. The Marketing Mix (The 4 P s Of Marketing) 3.5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics in Marketing 4. Have you understood type questions 5. Summary 6. Exercises 7. References 1. INTRODUCTION: The apex body in United States of America for the Marketing functions, American Marketing Association (AMA) defines

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World History Final Exam 2013 - 1485 Words

1. Both Christians Muslims share what belief in God One god omnipotent 2. Buddhist religious statues found in China are examples of what? Cultural Diffusion 3. The Code of Hammurabi illustrates the laws of Babylonian society were influenced by lex talionis and what? Social Class structure – social inequalities 4. What of the following contributed to the fall of both the western Roman and the Han? Invasion by barbarian borderland tribes (Huns, Visigoths, Vandals) 5. Graph 6. Describe the major effects of the Bantu migrations? Diffusion of iron metallurgy across Sub Africa, Bantus language slash burn agriculture 7. Inca and Aztec societies were similar politically how Both expanded empires using the military 8. What†¦show more content†¦to 600 C.E. and the development of transatlantic trade routes in the period 1450 C.E. to 1600 C.E. were similar in that both depended on what Wind patterns (Atlantic Ocean’s wind wheel and Indian Ocean’s monsoon winds), ocean currents 32. Reading 33. Reading 34. Painting 35. Before 600 C.E., large centralized empires, such as the Han, Persian, and Roman empires, extended their military power by doing what? Built infrastructure – roads, bridges, defensive walls, expanded supply lines on safe roads 36. What factors represent the most significant cause of the growth of cities in Afro-Eurasia in the period 1000–1450 ? Increased interregional long distance trade 37. What type of evidence for research about the profits of Portuguese and British slave traders in the period 1600–1800 would be most useful? Slave traders receipts or account books of sales 38. The North and South American independence movements of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries shared what in common? Revolutions and demands based on enlightenment ideas 39. The founding North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is best understood in the context of what post-world war 2 events? Cold War 40. Historians argue that the twentieth century marks a significant break in world history for what reasons? Petroleum, gas, population tripled, communism 41. What is true of both the Mughal and Ottoman empires in the sixteenth century? Big empires,Show MoreRelatedEssay Final Exam Questions740 Words   |  3 PagesHistory 1302 Final Exam Spring 2013 On the day of the final, the students will be told which two prompts they will be required to respond to in blue books that the students have provided to the instructor. Essays should show a great deal of thought and range between â€Å"short answers† and formal essays, leaning closer to the idea of an essay. The student may have one page of handwritten notes on a standard size sheet of paper (8 ½ X 11). Bring this sheet with you to the final. 1) The events at the 1968Read MoreOM4 - LensCrafters Cast Study Essay1493 Words   |  6 Pages Operations Strategy and Sustainability LensCrafters operations strategy is to provide high quality eye care services to customers throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. LensCrafters is known for the ability to perform eye exams, prescribing sunglasses and eyeglasses, and production of the glasses on the premises for each customer. To maintain economic sustainability, LensCrafters goal in 1983, was to be the only optical eye care retailer to guarantee eyeglasses in lessRead MoreComparison Between Michael Jackson And Whitney Houston1342 Words   |  6 Pagesacts in the world, selling hundreds upon thousands of records between them. Both acts rose to fame at an early age eventually earning the titles ‘The King of Pop’ (The Guardian, 2009) and ‘The Voice’ (IMDB, 2012) as well as earning plentiful awards in their careers; It is claimed that Whitney Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time. As well as preforming at some of the biggest and most prestigious venues around the world we can only dream about visiting and gaining world-wide fame theyRead MoreThe Main Features Of The Welfare State1638 Words   |  7 Pagesthe key features of the Welfare State from 1945 to 1970, analysing how effective they were at combating the ‘five giants’. The Second World War had a large effect on society. The whole nation had experienced such a terrible and traumatic time. There seemed to be a shift in public and political aspirations and a strong sense of solidarity. (Giddens and Sutton, 2013) Many men and women had volunteered their time during the war and it was the general consensus that these individuals should have somethingRead MoreThree Major Problems of Global Politics1131 Words   |  5 PagesFinal Exam Paper Decision-making is a complex process that is influenced by many different factors. Three major factors that affect global politics today include free-ridership, groupthink, and shadow of the past. These are problems that are central to scholars of I.R., and serve as obstacles to achieving cooperation among countries. To better understand the impact of these issues, it will be necessary to assess why each is important, and the theories that offer the best explanations of their presenceRead MoreThe Political Context Of Education1504 Words   |  7 Pages Sarah K. Hutchins Final Exam December 12, 2014 ELE 352-001 DeWalt Stephen F. Austin State University Fall 2013â€Æ' Final Exam The political context of education today has a lot to do with how its purpose has changed over time. Throughout history, there have been two competing purposes of education –public aims and advancing the interests of individual economic consumers who want more societal access and advantage (Labaree, 2011). These two competing views have illustrated the evolution ofRead MoreThe History Of Mooc s Have A Beginning With Educators Stephen Downes And George Siemens1539 Words   |  7 PagesThe History of MOOC’s have a beginning with educators Stephen Downes and George Siemens starting the first MOOC called Connectivism and Connective Knowledge/2008. These professors were building off a four-credit course at the University of Manitoba, Canada. This was the first college class executed behind the acronym of ‘MOOC’ a â€Å"massive online open course†. It used different platforms to engage students including Facebook groups, Wiki pages, blogs, forums and othe r resources (Marques 2103). TheRead MoreMy Petition To Withdraw1738 Words   |  7 Pages1 autumn semester of 2013, as well as Precalculus spring semester of 2014, removed. In autumn of 2013, I unquestionably moved back home to Lima, Ohio to take care of my father. I concluded that by moving back home with my dad, I would be able to provide for him financially and mentally, and also maintain school. Also, I presumed with this new responsibility, stress would be involved, so I devised a plan, which was to take a few classes to continue my education. In Autumn 2013 I enrolled in LatinRead MoreDementia And Delirium Effect On A Person Is On The Rise1393 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to case studies, the rate at which both dementia and delirium can affect a person is on the rise because of the increasing population worldwide (McCrow, Sullivan, Beattie, 2014). Older adults are one of the fastest growing populations in the world. The first baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) turned 65 in the year 2011 (McC row, 2014). With the increasing population of elders, there is also an increase in incidence of delirium. Up to 36 percent of aged people admitted to healthcare facilitiesRead MoreWhat Is The Triumph Of Humor Over Human Adversity1463 Words   |  6 Pagespsychological research, or some of the worst points in human history, humor of many varieties has proven a worthy asset in alleviating the hardships people face everyday. Comedy is and has been a valuable tool in coping with tragedy and human struggles as well as overcoming enormous adversity and inciting change. A common idea in relation to history is that ignoring it will doom us to repeat it. This generally applies to the horrors throughout history: wars, genocide, financial collapse, etc. . . The line

Difference Between Group and Team Diversity and Dynamics Free Essays

The Difference between Group and Team Paper Difference between Group and Team Diversity and Dynamics Team The composition is planned and is set. People are recruited, groomed and trained or specific jobs that match their interest. People are recruited, groomed and trained or specific jobs that match their interests and the needs of the team. We will write a custom essay sample on Difference Between Group and Team Diversity and Dynamics or any similar topic only for you Order Now Each job has a specific set of skills. People with those skills or the ability to acquire them are recruited for the job. Teams have rookies and understudies who learn from those who are accomplished. They are preparing for the day they will lead. When people do not perform well, the team suffers. The team has ways of assisting the person or has systems for building their person’s skills or moving him or her to another position. The planning by teams is called practice, run-throughs, or rehearsals. No matter how talented any individual team member, everyone plans. Teams have rituals, routines, and ceremonies that everyone learns and shares. Teams regularly review performance. Teams often prepare for the next piece of work based on the evaluation of the last piece of work. Teams know at most times how they are doing – if they are winning, scoring, or moving toward their stated goals. Teams often establish â€Å"Halls of Fame† retiring an honored jersey. Those who have performed well are held in high esteem. Members of teams are easily recognizable. There are usually colors, logos, T-shirts, and most important, common slang, songs, language, and history to link them to each other and the team. Time is important to teams. Most events have specific starting and ending times. Teams are often judged by what they can accomplish within a certain time frame (Klein, 2009, p. 77-80). Teams understand how important it is to consider the fans, the audience, everyone affected by the game. Teams know and respect the game’s many stakeholders. Teams build team spirit into their plans and make sure to affirm and celebrate the work they accomplish together (Klein, 2009). Group The composition of the group changes from meeting to meeting – often without forethought. Members of groups are encouraged to take on jobs, positions, or tasks even if they are unprepared or not skilled in that area – and everyone knows it! People move in and out of jobs based on their inability to say no when asked. Little or no training or support is given by the group to individuals accepting jobs. . Leadership is often one-person deep, with the group highly dependent on a handful of people. When people either do not perform well or fail to perform at all, the group rarely acknowledges the failure. Groups often resist planning and use planning as corrective rather than proactive or preventive strategies. Planning is mostly done by a few people. Groups rarely create routine operations. Groups usually do not celebrate or debrief victories or defeats. Groups rarely assess their progress in achieving their stated goals or objectives in order to chart and measure their work. Groups rarely assess their progress in achieving their stated goals or objectives in order to chart and measure their work. Members of groups are often hard to identify. There’s rarely anything linking them to the group. Groups are often inconsistent in what time things start and end – especially meetings. Groups sometimes operate without thinking about their constituency (Klein, 2009, p. 77-80). Groups sometimes fail to develop a sense of team spirit. They assume everyone understands and works together. (Klein, 2009). Diversity and Dynamics Conclusion Reference Johnson, Heiman, O’Neal. (2000). ProQuest. Journal of workplace learning, Vol_. (12),Iss_4, Laroche, Lionel. (2009). ProQuest. CMA Management. Vol. (75). Iss. 2; p. 22-26. How to cite Difference Between Group and Team Diversity and Dynamics, Essay examples

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The relationship that Romeo and Juliet have with their parents throughout the play Essay Example

The relationship that Romeo and Juliet have with their parents throughout the play Paper The ‘ancient grudge’ portrayed in the lives of two ‘star-crossed lovers’ whose ‘unruly’ love leads them to their ‘death marked’ fait. Romeo and Juliet live in ‘two separate houses’ in the sixteenth century with ‘brawls’ and ‘mutiny’ creating an antagonistic environment between the youth of these two families. Their parents ‘both alike in dignity’, proud of their strength in Verona and love of their importance, do not portray the same pride for their ‘star-crossed’ children. Juliet is the fourteen year old daughter of the Capulet household. She is an only daughter and would be thought to be doted on, yet her closest guardian is her wet nurse. Her nurse has been there since childhood when her mother was absent at ‘Mantra’. Juliet’s ‘sweet nurse’ dotes on her by calling her ‘lamb’ and ‘ladybird’, this informal language signifies a close relationship being portrayed near to the beginning of the play. However, Act 1. Scene 3 illustrated a lack of love between Juliet and her mother, which is revealed when Juliet greets her mother by calling her ‘Madame’ and bowing at her presence in the 1977 film directed by Zefferelli. There is a great lack of communication that is exaggerated in the 1998 film directed by Baz Luhrman where Juliet’s mother seems lost and bewildered when put face to face with her daughter and has to prompt the nurse to ‘come back’ into the room. This shows the audience their hostile relationship. This is already showing that the nurse appears far more motherly to Juliet than Lady Capulet. Lady Capulet continues to ‘speak briefly’ and questions Juliet about the possibility of love for Paris, a man she has not met. In the sixteenth century marriage played a strong part in a young ‘girl’s’ life, whether she had meet the man or not, if it was a suitable match she would be wedded to keep her families status high and marry into money. Lady Capulet shows a lack of knowledge and a weak relationship with her daughter while talking of love. This indicates that Lady Capulet has never built up a bond with her daughter, instead Juliet has grown fond of her ‘sweet nurse’. However, Capulet fears for his ‘child’s’ young age and knows of the ‘sheltered life’ he has given her and seems not to want her to hurrying into pregnancy. We will write a custom essay sample on The relationship that Romeo and Juliet have with their parents throughout the play specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The relationship that Romeo and Juliet have with their parents throughout the play specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The relationship that Romeo and Juliet have with their parents throughout the play specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Although Shakespeare has portrayed Capulet to be a caring father, his concern for Juliet leads also to the children , which were ‘swallowed’ up, leaving Juliet his lone heiress to the empire. Juliet does not fear of the concept of marriage as she refers to it as an ‘honour’ and wants consent from her parents as to whether she may or may not fall in love. This portrays a lesser knowledge about love proving her ‘sheltered life’. Nurse seems to know and appreciate a lot more about Juliet and both have gained a full trust for each other, this is shown when Juliet confines in the nurse about her secret marriage with Romeo. Their relationship is shown in Act 3. Scene 5, in the 1977 Zefferelli film, When Juliet hides behind the nurse while in a ‘quarrel’ with her father. Zefferelli has used strong body language to determine the different relationship Capulet family. In Act3. Scene 5, Capulet contradicts himself by ordering Juliet to marry Paris, whilst in Atc1 he tells Paris to wait because his ‘child is yet a stranger in the world’. This could be because of Tybalt’s abrupt death, causing the younger generation of the empire to decrease. Capulet is portrayed to be the leading role of the family is this scene. This is shown in the Zefferelli directed film, when Capulet hots Lady Capulet when she tells him that he is being irrational. The nurse also tries to calm Capulet, and when fails she takes sides with Capulet. Juliet becomes angry, betrayed and feels that she has no hope but to die. However, Capulet still does not relent to Juliet’s incessant explanation of her ‘hate’ for marriage to Paris. In Act 4. Scene 5, Capulet seems hasty towards his ‘child’s’ death. His language is calm and well structured. He uses descriptions of her ‘blood’ being ‘settled’ and relating her death to ‘night’. This seems more like a verse from one of Romeo’s sonnets than someone who’s lost his only daughter. Capulet, while morning for his daughter’s death, he seems just as disappointed that Juliet has missed her marriage and rhetorically asks why the ‘murder’ of ‘our solemnity’ had to happen. Lady Capulet shows true disappear for her daughter’s death by repeating, ‘she’s dead’ as if she cannot take the reality in. Her hurried and simplistic language portrays a troubled and caring mother, the opposite to Lord Capulet’s emotions for the death of his daughter. Romeo’s relationship with his own parents have mixed similarities to the relationship Juliet shares with her parents. As Juliet has her ‘good nurse’ Romeo has ‘Friar Lawrence’ to whom he refers to as ‘father’. This is because Friar Lawrence knows more about Romeo than Lord Montague, then Romeo’s real father. Lord and Lady Montague play a lesser role in the play of Romeo and Juliet. They are not involved with their son’s life and stay ‘away’. When Romeo is having troubles, as they cannot find out the reason of his ‘grivence’, for there is a lack of communication between them. Shakespeare portrays Romeo’s parents as being scared of having a parental relationship with Romeo. Neither of them know how to approach him as they are fearful of being rejected by their emotional son. They worry for Romeo and ’pray’ he isn’t at any of the ‘frays’, which keep the two families at conflict with each other. This portrays a concern and a sense of parental care for Romeo, yet they do not know whether he was at the fray or not†¦ making the reader think that Romeo and his parents do not spend a great deal of time together. They only know that Romeo has been seen with ‘tears’ or has ‘locked’ himself in his room which is a common sign for a teenager in love. Yet his parents do not acknowledge that this is the case. Lord and Lady Montague do not pursue the affair of their troubled son, but leave it in the hands of Romeo’s good cousin Benvolio, who is determined to know of his ‘grievance’. This is a strong reason why Friar Lawrence who thinks of Romeo as his pupil, plays such a significant part in Romeo’s life; he is close by to give constellation, to be a friend and to confess unjust sins. Romeo has a great deal of respect for Friar Lawrence, therefore his opinions and ideas are greatly considered by Romeo. When Friar Lawrence thought that marrying Romeo and Juliet would ‘turn your households to rancour and pure love’, he was not thinking about Romeo’s true feelings for Juliet. Friar already has suspicions that Romeo did not love Rosaline and clearly states that ‘Young men’s love then lies, not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes’. They only good that Friar Lawrence sees in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is the end of the two households feud. When Romeo was in need of help after he has killed Tybalt, The Friar uses his unwavering optimism to make the best of the situation and vows to stay in contact with Romeo once he has been banished, showing that Friar Lawrence is looking out for Romeo’s best interest and wants to help him stay optimistic. Both Romeo and Juliet do not confine with their parents, and they know that their love will not end the family feud. In sixteenth century Verona, a child’s duty to their parents was more than just giving respect. Parents would be in full charge of their children, and the father would overpower any argument. This is shown in Act 3. Scene 5 when Juliet is forced to marry someone she does not love. In conclusion, the distant relationships between Romeo and Juliet and their parents lead them to seek other parental care. Friar Lawrence and the nurse both cared for Romeo and Juliet’s well being and helped them whenever they could. This lead, unfortunately, to the unfortunate death of the ‘star-crossed lovers’. I believe that Shakespeare did not want his audience to feel that the families were to blame for their painful deaths. Many people have assumed that fait have played a powerful part in this play. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet taught both of the parents that life is too precious to live in a state of fear towards their enemy and especially towards their children.